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Between Zoroastrian Mytho-History and Islamic Hagiography. Trajectories of Mutual Influence on the Example of the Mādayān ī Jōišt ī Friyān

The Mādayān ī Jōišt ī Friyān (MJF) or ‘Story of Jōišt ī Friyān’ is a Middle Persian (Pahlavi) tale, which recounts how a wise and God-fearing youth named Jōišt ī Friyān succeeds in outwitting his adversary, the wicked sorcerer Axt, in a verbal contest. While the oldest document containing the MJF can be traced back to the second half of […]

Matthias Weinreich 21/02/2019 16/03/2019 Pahlavi Literature Zoroastrian Mytho-History Islamic Hagiography Sufi Saints
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